What date to get engraved on an anniversary gift

The 50th anniversary is a very memorable day for any couple as this means a couple has completed 50 years of togetherness.

So on this special day, the engraved gift would be a great option for gifting. But the question is whatever date you’d prefer, whether it be the wedding date or the date of that specific anniversary being celebrated.

As a laser engraved gifting brand, we would like to explain it with an example from our anniversary gifting range.

Please find below the 2 different options that we suggest for you.

First Option – For special anniversary gifts such as their 25th or 50th, it is common to engrave that anniversary and the date.

Second Option – You can also have an option of engraving the number of years completed. Eg: 2 years completed so you can mention 2 years and counting.

The upper example image is taken from our anniversary gift range- 5min Brass and wood hourglass

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