Our background: 

I am Faraz, the founder of Greyhands. In my small town in India, making antique handicrafts is the main livelihood for the majority of the citizens.  A family run business with a background in craftsmanship. My uncle was in this industry in his mid 90’s and our business expansion was limited to a limited geographic area. So I also got involved with my own creative ideas to promote my business and  showcase my work. And I look forward to doing all of this with the help of  online sales through this website. 

So the idea behind this website is to celebrate the grey hands behind the ultimate handcrafted works of art.We want to take this industry from the narrow  streets of India to the global market. Most of my inspiration for my work  comes from vintage, antique, old school, steampunk, americana,  nautical, nautical, bohemian, etc. West. “The Gray Hands is a name I would like to  brand.  I have several hands that help me with the production process. 

Production and Manufacturing: 

Together with my team of three  in the workshop, I work on my ideas and product designs, and the team helps bring these ideas to life. My products are mainly made  of brass, aluminum and wood. And yes, all shop items are completely handmade. Most of my product designs come from vintage and antique style pieces, which is what  makes them ‘one of a kind’. 

Quality and use: 

Our products are made from the highest quality materials, whether metal or non-metal, wood or leather. My products are perfect for home/office decoration, gifts, occasion gifts, personal collections, wearables, jewelry and more.